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  PartⅠ Vocabulary and Structure(35%)

  1.I'll accepl any job I don't have to get up early.

  A.even if B.as long as C.in case D.even though

  2. of the two authors thinks that the danger of nuclear war is inesing.

  A.None B.Either C.Both D.Neither

  3.I walked too much yesterday and are still aching now.

  A.my leg's muscles B.my leg muscles

  C.my muscles of leg D.my legs'muscles

  4.In some conntries, is called "equality" does not really mean equal right for all people.

  A.which B.that C.what D.this

  5. we have finished the course,we shall start revision and prepare for the final exams.

  A.By now B.Now that C.For Now D.Ever since

  6.The bridge was named the hero who had given his life to save a child.

  A.after B.by C.with D.from

  7.There is no in insisthing on the impossible.

  A.mind B.meaning C.help D.sense

  8.The Interent of the fourth generation is now in the experimental stage.The time will come when it possible for ordinary people to use it in their daily life.

  A.is B.will be C.must be D.may be

  9.The shopping mall built a few months ago is in the south of the city.

  A.located B.lied C.laid D.placed

  10.It may be five to ten years ,we can test this medicine on human patinets.

  A.since B.after C.before D.when

  11.Bob,Dick and Tom are 6,8 and 10 years ole .

  A.respectively B.respectably C.respectedly D.respectfully

  12.Children who are over-protectef by their parents may become .

  A.hurt B.spoiled C.damaged D.harmed

  13.Your explanation is still not easy enough to understand.Could you give any examples?

  A.specific B.special C.specialist D.spare

  14.Her duties include cleaning the desks and mopping the floor.But she also needs to do many other things.

  A.continuous B.routine C.initial D.constant

  15.Roberty Owen's ideas were far the age in which he lived.

  A.in front of B.adwanced C.adwancing in D.in advance of

  16.Rural communities are usually more in their child-rearing methods,while in the toen there in more variety.

  A.uniform B.like C.simslar D.same

  17.John Smith Community College is an educational institution to providing higher education for all residents in the community.

  A.contributed B.committed C.combined D.assigned

  18.Mark ofen attempts to escape whenever he breaks traffic rules.

  A.having been fined B.to have been fined

  C.to be fined D.being fined

  19.The police were accused of failing to the people about the threat of the terrorists.

  A.speak B.tell C.talk D.say

  20.Radio,television and press are of conveying news and information.

  A.the most three common means B.the three most common means

  C.the most common three means D.three the most common means

  21.Backward technologically we are for the moment,we have perfect faith in our ability to catch up with the developed countries in time.

  A.as B.if C.so D.that

  22.We don't need air conditioning, .

  A.and neither can we afford it B.neither can we afford it

  C.and nor we can afford it D.we can afford it neither

  23.The Internet allows businessmen to their goods by showing which items are being sold and how fast they are moving.

  A.keep track of B.keep pace with

  C.keep in touch with D.keep company with

  24.That field a good crop of potatoes last year.

  A.planted B.grew C.raised D.yielded

  25.The destruction of these cultural relics was a loss that no amount of meney could .

  A.stand up to B.make up for C.come up with D.put up with

  26.When people do not to acceptable standards of behavior,they are bound to offend other people.

  A.confirm B.conform C.confine D.inform

  27.It was such a big challenge.Luckily,the student was just about to the questions when he suddenly found the answer.

  A.even if B.as long as C.in case D.even though

  28.Once he starts talking about ancient China, .

  A.there is no stopping of him B.he is not stopped

  C.there is no stopping him D.it is no stopping him

  29.They decided to chase the cow away it did more damage to the crops.

  A.unless B.before C.until D.although

  30.The of blood always makes him feel sick.

  A.sight B.look C.view D.glance

  31.In Britain,in best time for sightseeing is spring and early summers.

  A.even if B.as long as C.in case D.even though

  32.I should like to rent a house which is modern,comfortable and ,in a quite neighborhood.

  A.in all B.after all C.above all D.over all

  33.When Mr.Jones get old,he will over his business to his son.

  A.take B.think C.hand D.get

  34.I've alresdy told you that I'm going to buy it, .

  A.however much it costs B.hoever does it costs much

  C.how much does it cost D.no matter how it costs

  35.Free medical treatment in this country covers illness of all kinds for all the citizens.

  A.normal B.average C.regular D.ordinary

  PartⅡ Reading Comprehension(40%)

  Passage 1

  Tom arrived at the bus station quite early for Paris bus.The bus for Paris would not leave until five to twelve.He saw a lot of people waiting in the station.Some were standing in line,and others were walking around.There was a group of schoolgirls.Their teacher was trying to keep them in line.Tom looked around but there was no place for him to sit.

  He walked into the station cafe(咖啡馆).He looked up at the clock there.It was only twenty to twelve.He found a seat and sat down before a large mirror on the wall.Just then,Mikem one of Tom's workmate came in and sat with Tom.

  "What time is your bus?"asked Mike.

  "There's plenty of time yet,"answered Tom.

  "Well,I,ll get you some more tea then,"said Mike.

  They talked while drinking.Then Tom looked at the clock again."Oh!It'going backward!"he cried."A few minutes ago it was twenty to twelve and now it's haif past eleven."He was puzzled on that.

  "You 're looking at the clock in the mirror."said Mike.Tom was so sorry for that.The next bus was not to leave for another hour.Since then Tom has never liked mirrors.

  36.Tom went into the atation cafe because .

  A.Mike asked him to have a cup of tea

  B.there were a group of schoolgirls there

  C.it was quite early and he could fine a seat there

  D.he wanted to have a drink with his workmate there

  37.What time was it in fact when Tom looked at the clock in the mirror?

  A.Half past twelve B.Twenty to twelve

  C.Half past eleven D.Five to twelve

  38.From the story we know that when we look at a clock in a mirror,we will find .

  A.it's going forward B.it's going slower

  C.it's going backward D.its going faster

  39.Which of the following is true?

  A.Tom arrived in Paris on time

  B.The next bus left after half an hour

  C.After that Tom didn't like clocks any longer

  D.Tom looked at the clock in the mirror only once

  40.Which of the following is the best title of the story?

  A.Missing aBus B.A Careless Man

  C.The Clock in the Mirror D.The mirror of the Station

  Passage 2

  Baths have long been considered of medical importance to man.In Greece there are the ruins of a water system for baths built over 3,000 yesrs ago.The Romans had warm public baths.In some baths,as many as 3,000 persons could bathe at the same time.

  Treating disease by taking baths has been popular for centuries.Modern medical baths first became popular in Europe and by the late 1700s bathing had also become popular in the United States.

  By the 1700s doctors began to say that soap and water were good for beath.They believed that it was good for people to be clean.Slowly,people began to bathe more frequently.During the Victorian Age of the late 19th century,taking a bath on Saturday night became common.

  In the United States ordinary bathing was slow to become popular.During the 18th and early 19th centuries,many Americans were known as"The Great Unwashed!"In one American city,for example,a person was only allowed to take a bath every thirty days!That was alaw!

  Frequency of bathing today is partly a matter of habit,People know that bathing for cleaniness is important to health.Doctors know that dirty bodies increase the chance of diseases.As a result,in the United States,people generally bathe ofen.Some people bathe once a day at least.They consider a daily bath necessary to good health.

  41.A water system for baths was built by over 3,000 years ago.

  A.the Romans B.the Greeks C.the Americans D.the Italians

  42.Which of the following statements is true?

  A.It's good for people to have bath only at night.

  B.It's good for people to keep clean by having baths.

  C.American people were not allowed to have a bath every 30 days.

  D.The more frequently we have baths,the better health we'll be in.

  43.It was once believed that frequent bathing was .

  A.neccssary B.common C.bad for heath D.good for heath

  44.The underlined word perfume probably means .

  A.a sweet smelling substance B.a band smelling substance

  C.a strange smelling substance D.an unpleasant smelling subatance

  45.Form the passage,we can infer that .

  A.Bathing has become easier and cheaper

  B.Everybody in America takes a daily bath

  C.A bath day keep the doctor away forever

  D.Bathing helps to reduce the chance of diseases

  Passage 3

  Filling in company application forms can become a boring and repetitive task,yet any carelessness on an applicant's part can draw a negative recation form readers.Each company of organization usually use its own specially desigend form that,although it generally asks for the same basic information,may vary in detail.Consequently the suggestions below apply mainly to the approach you should take rather than suggest what you should write.

  -When visiting future employers,always carry your personal data record with you so that you can readily search for details such as dates,telephone numbers,and other useful information.

  -Treat every application form as though it is the first one you are completing.Write carefully and neatly.

  -User words that describle the responsibility and different aspects of each job you have held rather than list only the duties you performed.

  -Particularly describle social activities that show your involvement in the community,or activities in which you held a teching or coaching role.

  -Pay particular attention if there is a section on the form that asks you to comment on how your education and past experience have especially prepared you for the poaition.

  -Think this through very carefully before you write so that what you say shows a natural progression form past experience to the job you are applying for.If you can,and if they fit naturally,add a few words to demonstrste how the position fits your overall career plan.

  46.The first sentence of the passage means that .

  A.you many have to fill in a long application form

  B.the filling-in of an application form takes much time

  C.any slight error in the tiring filling-in of the forms should be avoided

  D.application forms are usually difficult to read and require good skills to fill in

  47.Although all application forms demand the same basic information, .

  A.different companies may have different requirements

  B.different companies may have different attitudes toward them

  C.applicants many be required to answer all the questions in detail

  D.applicants are very familiar with different application forms

  48.Which of the following statements about your personal data is ture?

  A.They will be of much help to your interview

  B.They are more important than the interview

  C.They should be written as simply as possible

  D.They should include all your perdonal information

  49.When writing about the duties of your jobs,you should .

  A.only describe your social activities

  B.list only the duties you performed

  C.focus on your involvement in the community

  D.try to include more details

  50.Which of the following would be the best title of the passage?

  A.Nature of Filling in Application Foems

  B.Importance of Filling in Application Forms

  C.Critical Details for Filling in Application Forms

  D.Jobs and Their Filling in Application Forms

  Passage 4

  On Thuesday afternoon Mrs.Clarke,dressed for going out,took her handbag with her money and her key in it,pulled the door behind her to lock it and wen to the Over 60s Club.She always went there on Thursday.It was a nice outong for and old woman who lived alone.

  At six o'clock she came home,let herself in and at once smelt cigarette smoke.Cigarette smoke in her house?How?How?Had someone got in?She checked the back door and the windows.All were locked or fastened,as usual.There was no sign of forced entry.

  Over a cup of tea she wondered whether some one might have a key that fitted her front door-"a master key"perhaps.So she stayed at home the following Thursday.Nothing happened.Was anyone watching her movements?On the Thursday after that she went out at her usual time,dressed as usual,but she didn't go to the club.Instead she took a shout cut home again,letting herself in through her garden and the back door.She setteled down to wait.

  It was just after four o'clock when the front door bell rang.Mrs.Clarke was making a cup of tea at the time.The bell rang again,and then she heard her letter-box being pushed open.With the kettle of boiling water in her hand,she moved quietly towards the front door.Along piece of wire appeared though the letter-box,and then a hand,The wire turned and caught around the knob(门把)on the door-lock.Mrs.Clarke raised the kettle and poured the water over the hand.There was a shout outside,and the skin seemed to drop off the fingers like a glove.The wire fell to the floor,the hand was pulled back,and Mrs.Clarke heard the sound of running feet.

  51.Mrs.Clarke looked forward to Thursday because she .

  A.joined in a special activity in the club B.could meet her old friends

  C.regularly visited a club D.had a special visitor to meet

  52.Mrs.Clarke thought that if someone had made a forced entry, .

  A.a door or a window would have been damaged

  B.he or she might hide somewhere in the house

  C.things would have been thrown about

  D.he or she might not have a master key

  53.On the third Thurday Mrs.Clarke went out because she wanted to .

  A.seek help to find out the truth of the cigarette smoke

  B.see if the thief was hanging about outside

  C.resume her normal visit to the club

  D.catch the tjoef by trick

  54.Mrs.Clarke didn't expect that her front door .

  A.could be opened with an outside knob instead of a key

  B.was opened by taking advantage of the letter-box

  C.was opened with a master key

  D.needed a piece of wire to open it

  55.The write fell to the floor because .

  A.Mrs.Chark refused to open the door

  B.the man's glove dropped off

  C.the man just wanted to drop it off

  D.it was too hot to hold the wire

  PartⅢ Cloze(10%)

  Shopping habits in the United States have changed greatly in the last quarter of the 20th century. 56 in the 1900s most American towns and cities had a Main Street.Main Street was always in the heat of a town.This street was 57 on both sides with 58 stores and shops.Here,shoppers walked into stores to look at all sorts of 59 clothing,furniture,hardware,groceries. 60 ,some shops offered services.These shops 61 drugstores,restaurants,shoe-repair stores,and barber or hairdressing shops.But in the 1950s,a change began to 62 .Too many automobiles had crowed into Main Street 63 too few parking places were 64 shoppers.Because the streets were crowed,merchants began to look with interest at the open spaces 65 the city.Open space is what their car-driving customers needed and the merchants expected 66 the first shopping centre was built.Shopping centres,or rather malls, 67 as a collection of small new stores 68 crowded city centres. 69 by hundreds of free parking space,customers were drawn away from 70 areas to suburban malls.And the growing 71 of shopping certres led 72 to the building of bigger and better-stocked stores. 73 the late 1970s,many shopping malls had almost developed into small cities themselves.In addition to providing the 74 of one-shop shopping,malls were transformed into landscaped parks, 75 benches,fountains,and outdoor entertainment.

  56.A.As early B.Early C.Early as D.Earlier

  57.A.built B.designed C.covered D.lined

  58.A.varied B.various C.variety D.varying

  59.A.objects B.materials C.goods D.subastances

  60.A.Apart form B.Further C.As well D.Additionally

  61.A.contained B.covered C.held D.included

  62.A.be taken place B.take place C.be taking place D.have taken place

  63.A.while B.where C.though D.when

  64.A.vaild for B.useful to C.available to D.ready for

  65.A.over B.from C.after D.outside

  66.A.when B.while C.since D.then

  67.A.started B.founded C.established D.built

  68.A.out of B.away from C.next to D.along with

  69.A.Attracted B.Interested C.Delighted D.Enjoyed

  70.A.inner B.original C.old D.downtown

  71.A.distinction B.fame C.popularity D.interest

  72.A.in return B.in turn C.by turns D.by return

  73.A.By B.During C.Over D.From

  74.A.requirement B.facility C.convenience D.condition

  75.A.for B.over C.with D.beyond

  PartⅣ Writing(15%)

  76.假如你是一名大学新生,对社团活动很感兴趣,想申请假如某一校园社区(campus club or society)请写一封申请书,陈述你假如社团的原因、你的优势、你以前的活动经历以及对你入团后的活动有什么设想。






  1.B 2.D 3.B 4.C 5.B 6.A 7.D 8.A 9.A 10.C

  11.A 12.B 13.A 14.B 15.D 16.C 17.B 18.D 19.B 20.B

  21.A 22.B 23.A 24.D 25.B 26.B 27.D 28.C 29.B 30.A

  31.D 32.C 33.C 34.A 35.D 36.C 37.A 38.C 39.D 40.C

  41.B 42.B 43.C 44.A 45.D 46.C 47.A 48.A 49.D 50.C

  51.C 52.A 53.D 54.B 55.D 56.B 57.D 58.B 59.C 60.D

  61.D 62.B 63.A 64.C 65.D 66.A 67.A 68.B 69.A 70.D

  71.C 72.B 73.A 74.C 75.C

  PartⅣ Writing(15%)












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